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Want some Advice on how you can Support Mental health within your Workplace?

Contact Andy to discuss how you can support mental health within your business. This could include having workshops, offering your team mental resilience training, and steps which you can take to have a positive mental health culture within your workplace.


Interested in Understanding an Issue within your Business and how you can Provide a Solution?

Applied research can provide a better understanding of an issue within your business. Not only does research provide an understanding, but provides a framework to move forward. We provide analysis in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. Research tools include surveys, interviews, and data analysis.


Suicide within Construction Report

In 2019 SiteSafe and BRANZ funded a study investigating risk factors among coroner reports of 300 individuals who died by suicide whilst employed within the New Zealand construction industry between 2007 and 2017. To review this report please visit - Site Safe Research


Client Builder Relationship Study

Andy Walmsley supported Dr Kate Bryson exploring builder-client relationship stress and the impact it has on builder and client mental health. The research examined both builder and client experiences to understand why this relationship breaks down and what can be done to improve it. Please view this report on the BRANZ website at: SR461/2 Understanding the builder - client relationship - Part 2: Client perspectives | BRANZ

Men’s Help-Seeking Behaviours within the Construction Industry

This study was undertaken to better understand construction workers’ help-seeking behaviour within the New Zealand construction industry. To learn more about the study click here -  Understanding high suicide rate in building sector - Massey University

To review the findings of the report please click on link below. 

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