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Tools to Talk 

Leadership Training Level 1 & 2

Leaders have the most influence on supporting a worker to seek help for mental health difficulties. For some leaders, it can feel overwhelming talking about depression or suicide with a worker. However, with the right approach leaders can play a key role in promoting help-seeking behavior within the work environment.  


Tools to Talk Training for Leaders aims to empower leaders with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to support help-seeking within the work environment. The training also provides practical tips on promoting a positive mental health culture within the work environment. Leaders can include business owners, worksite supervisors, health and safety practitioners, or leaders within an organization who have an influence on other individuals or teams. 


Tools to Talk Training for Leaders is delivered onsite with workshops taking 2-hours. The different levels of workshops are delivered 6-months apart. Following attendance at a workshop, leaders are provided with a Tools to Talk resource book, and badge to identify them as a mental health connector within the workplace.  Below is an example of how Tools to Talk Training for Leadership was adapted and delivered for a company within the construction sector. All material can be altered to include company logo. Training can be delivered to small (100 employees) and large (5000 employees) organizations. Please contact Dr Andy Walmsley with any questions on cost and delivery. 

Tools to Talk Leadership Level 1 

Psychological Safety within the Workplace 


Workshop Overview

*Risk factors for depression and suicide among construction workers.

*Scripts for talking about mental health during team meetings.

*Understanding the impact of masculine gender roles on men’s help seeking behavior.

*Challenging the ‘harden up attitude’ towards mental health.

*How to identify and help workers struggling with mental health difficulties.

*Knowledge of the different mental health services within region.


Tools to Talk Leadership Level 2 

The Resilient Leader 

Workshop Overview

*Communication style and leadership.

*Dealing with and preventing mistakes within the workplace.

*How to manage underperforming employees.

*Dealing with difficult clients.

*How to support a worker having a mental health crisis.

*Creating a positive mental health culture at work.

*Developing resilience.

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